Nobody wants to spend forever making breakfast.

I wake up starving most of the time and while I love breakfast, nobody has the patience or the luxury of time to make an overly complicated breakfast. I stick to simple breakfasts most days - oatmeal, gluten-free cereal with rice, or cashew milk, scrambled eggs with lactose-free cheese and topped with Sriracha, but sometimes, you want a little more.

While Spanish eggs involve chorizo and shakshuka usually involves tomato puree which may not necessarily be clean because of the sugar and preservatives that's used in it, so this one is an easy-as-hell breakfast that packs a whole lot of punch. Good for pretending you know your way around the kitchen.

WHAT YOU NEED (for a single portion):

2 eggs
1 tomato, diced
1 red onion, diced
1-2 teaspoons of chilli powder
pepper to taste
Coconut oil


Once you're done chopping everything up, start by pouring a tablespoon of coconut oil into an iron skillet if you have one, or a regular pan if you don't. Throw the onions in and have them sizzle for a quick minute before throwing in the tomatoes — let them soften and charr before you dump chilli powder, and pepper. I don't use salt when I cook, but you can, if you'd like. 


Stir and let it cook. If your skillet or pan is small, make a space in the middle for the eggs. If not, make a little fort for your eggs and crack them in there. Cover the pan up and let the eggs cook.

See how fancy it looks? You can't quite beat this.