I'm one of those 'the grass is always greener' suckers.

At the height of the lob trend, I went to my hairstylist at Mêche (who also cuts the hair of the original girlboss) and chopped it all off. This was the second time in my life I let someone chop the safety blanket that is my hair off, and I've gotten it cut — once by Stacy, and another time by Andrea back home (who also gave me a smokin' color) and decided that I wanted longer hair again.

And so I've been trying to grow out my hair. It's a process, and it's exactly like watching grass grow. But in the midst of my frustration, I actually didn't realize that my hair has actually grown - thicker and quicker since I've started adopting these regimens into my day-to-day.

What I've Been Eating

Prenatal vitamins - The easiest way to scare your husband is to add this to the drugstore shopping list but also the bomb dot com because it contains much higher levels of iron, folic acid, calcium and biotin than your usual vitamin formulations. Biotin, which you probably know, promotes healthy hair, nails and eyes. If you're iffy about taking prenatal vitamins, Nature's Bounty has hair, nails and skin softgels that could work too.

Bee pollen - Bee pollen is a superfood, you already know that. What you probably didn't know is that bee pollen contains an amino acid called L-Cysteine, which has sulphur, something that has been said to help reverse hair loss and can strengthen the hair strand. Bee pollen also has vitamin A and E – two vitamins that are vital to hair - and overall - health. I get mine from iHerb, of course. Not all bee pollen taste the same - I bought a batch that was a little bitter and had to throw it in my smoothies to ingest them, but the ones I love are Y.S. Eco Bee Farms'.

Gelatin - Gelatin tablets, powder or gelatin itself have always been used and recommended for those who want to build healthy cartilage but it's essential for healthy hair and nails as well. What is worth noting is that gelatin in the form of tablets or powder sold in the market are usually animal by-products so if you have dietary restrictions like I do. I purchase mine from a local lady who whips up her own (in her own farm!) from halal-slaughtered beef. If you don't have dietary restrictions, which will make your life easier, Great Lakes makes a great gelatin powder! Get the one in the green canister, collagen hydrolysate, because unlike regular collagen powder, it does not cause liquids to gel. The gelatin has been treated to reduce its molecular weight, so unlike gelatin that you would use to make jello, this powder does not congeal so you can use it in cold and warm liquids - like your coffee, matcha, or smoothies. 

Alternatively, you can also make your own gelatin that you can use in soups, stews or even desserts! It's going to take forever and will make your entire home smell of cow but when you're concerned with what goes into your body, it's your best bet. Using a slow cooker, add filtered water, and then as many beef bones as you can stuff in there and cook overnight, or if you can, up to 48 hours. Strain the bones and refrigerate the broth; once firm, scrape the fat off the top (which can also be used for cooking), and there you have your gelatin!

Disclaimer: These methods have worked for me, and I'm writing them based on my experiences. Please consult your doctor before consuming my recommendations!

What I've Been Applying

Hair fertilizer - There's fertilizer for your plants, and then there's this baby for your hair. Concocted with a blend of a blend of nettle, horsetail, and paprika, I've been using this on my scalp every other day or so and giving myself a scalp massage when I do. 

Coconut oil - I don't need to tell you about coconut oil, but I have been dousing myself in the stuff more than usual lately. On top of the fertilizer, I use the coconut oil as a hair mask before I'm working out. I slather it mid-shaft to the ends to moisturize my poor hair that has been drying out since moving to LA.

Eva NYC Thermal Hair Wrap - I've used this hair wrap exactly twice in my life, and I noticed an immediate change. Hair is softer, silkier and immediately shinier. Not cheap for a one-time use but considering how amazing my hair feels after, I'll be repurchasing once a month.

Photo taken 2 weeks after the above, March 12 2016!

Photo taken 2 weeks after the above, March 12 2016!

Also it's worth noting that I haven't been using heat tools on my hair - probably only twice in the past month. I know this may not be something that everybody wants to do but hey, a girl's gotta make sacrifices for healthy hair, you know what I mean?

Have you got other tips and tricks up your sleeve to growing your hair out fast? Fill me in!